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The African Diasporic Culture and Women’s Health Collective

About us

The Center for African Diasporic Culture and Women’s Health aims to bring together a community of sages, mamas, grandmas, aunties, elders, leaders, experts, learners, scholars, and community members committed to co-creating, documenting, and passing on ancestral and community knowledge to promote and preserve health, joy and holistic wellbeing from historical and contemporary lenses. Members of this community are committed to centering decolonized knowledge co-created with communities across the African diaspora.


Our Story

"Despite colonial efforts to erase culture, heritage, and even personhood, my grandmother and many in her generation were committed to passing on the knowledge and wisdom inherited from our ancestors. That is why each of the precious stories she told were intended to pass on knowledge and understanding of our past. The underlying message was that before colonialism we were, we existed, we were a people with ways of being, knowing and doing (Iradukunda, 2023)"

We Were, We Are, We know, and We Belong!

Black women and children continue to be disproportionally impacted by health injustices. Historically culture has been a major source of resistance, liberation, self-care, and radical joy. Our goal is to look at health issues through the lenses of culture and justice. 

Meet Our Founder and Affiliates

Our work

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