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Spring - Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness 

The purpose of this course is to prepare learners to understand the intersection between culture and health and provide equitable care to patients, families, and communities from diverse backgrounds with cultural safety and humility. Learners explore critical challenges related to bias, health disparities and determine their role in addressing these issues.


Fall - Writing in Nursing Ethics

Ethical decision-making is essential in nursing. In this course, students learn how to identify and work through conflicts related to ethical issues that arise in practice and assist patients in addressing ethical concerns. 



Fall - Introduction to Nursing Research

This course prepares nurse scientists to ask critical questions that move nursing practice forward, analyze and critique research evidence, co-construct knowledge, and discuss research approaches conducive to answering essential questions in nursing.


Spring -Graduate course
The Role of the Scholar as Leader

This is a seminar to synthesize leadership and policy central to the scholarly role of the nurse scientist, leader, and educator that influence the future of nursing and health care.

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Fall -Graduate course
NURSING  790E - 01   Experiential Approaches

Engagement with learning and practice communities is essential for knowledge co-creation and the development of nursing scholarship. In this course, learners will critically analyze how communities are conceptualized, other(ed), and exploited. Learners will also apply principles of cultural humility, respect, accountability, and justice as they engage with communities of learning and practice.

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